zagreber yidish-krayz (Zagreb Yiddish Circle)

zagreber yidish-krayz is a Yiddish club in Zagreb, Croatia. The club organizes courses in Yiddish language, lectures on Jewish history, linguistics and culture, movie nights, and hosts a Yiddish book club. The founder of Zagreb Yiddish Circle and the leader of efforts to revitalize Yiddish Croatia is Dr. Gabi Abramac.


The objectives of this project are to promote Yiddish language and culture and to put Zagreb back on the map of Yiddishland. As the description of Silvain and Minczeles’ book ”Yiddishland” says: ”[…] Yiddishland, [was] a mythical and real land that has never appeared on a map of the world, but whose frontiers have forged rivers, crossed oceans and spanned continents. Although, tragically, it no longer exists, Yiddishland – a huge area that stretched from Poland to the Ukraine, Belorussia, Romania, Bessarabia, Eastern Hungary and the Baltic States – lives on through the telling imagery of the humble postcard.” However, there is another kind of Yiddishland today – a worldwide network of people who learn Yiddish, speak it and cherish its culture. Zagreber Yidish-Krayz offers people in Zagreb and the region an opportunity to discover the joys of Yiddish and to become a part of this contemporary Yiddishland.